Welcome to the service support request page of the ITW David Speer Academy, Pride Battalion (Bn) Corps Of Cadets.

This page is to assist the ITW Speer Staff and any outside agency requesting support from the Pride Bn Corps Of Cadets.

Some of the support provided are:

  1. Color Detail Presentations at Special Events – minimum of two weeks in advance
  2. Color Detail Presentations for the Noble Network Sport events / Championship Games – minimum of two weeks in advance
  3. Graduation Ceremonies for High Schools – minimum of 30 days in advance
  4. ITW School Staff events – minimum of two weeks in advcance

Please fill out the form in the subpage – please allow the appropriate time for the Corps of Cadets to process your request to provide the best service possible. 

We understand that life is full of surprises and there are always a short fused request – please let us know your situation and we will do our best to support you as well.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.

The Pride Bn Corps Of Cadets.

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