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Successful leaders must be able to honestly evaluate themselves, realizing both personal strengths and weaknesses. What Leadership principle is this?
Before you can lead, you must be able to do the job.  What Leadership principle is this?
You should know and understand the behavior of each subordinate in your unit and how they react in different situations.  What leadership principle is this?
It is impossible to accomplish a task efficiently without correct information.  What Leadership Principle is this?
The attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” is NOT the manner in which a cadet should lead.  What leadership principle is this?
You cannot expect your unit to perform if they do not know what is expected of them. This principle is applied in two ways communication and supervision. What leadership principle is this?
It is the combination of all the unit members’ efforts that makes a unit successful.  What leadership principle is this?
” Situations frequently call for quick and strong decision making. A leader must be able to rapidly evaluate a situation and make an accurate decision based on that evaluation.  What leadership principle is this?
Mutual respect and confidence can be developed between a leader and a subordinate by assigning tasks and delegating authority.  What leadership principle is this?
Your unit cannot complete a task for which it has not been trained.  What leadership principle is this?
You must actively seek out challenging assignments to develop professionally.  What leadership principle is this? 

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