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TECOMO 5041.1     Commanding General’s Inspection Program

MCJROTC PL 01-14 SMI and MI Physical Performance Requirements

MCJROTC PL 01-18 Inspector General Inspection Program

MCJROTC PL 02-14 SMI and MI Cert, ReCert, DeCert

MCJROTC PL 02-15 MCJROTC Instructor Certification and Recertification

MCJROTC PL 02-17 PSB Processes and Procedures

MCJROTC PL 03-15 MCJROTC Religious Cultural Accommodation

MCJROTC PL 03-17 PRD Folders

MCJROTC PL 04-15 Minimum Gen Tech (T) Score on ASVAB

MCJROTC PL 04-17Document Retention and CMR Folders

MCJROTC PL 05-15 CHG 1 MCJROTC Body Composition and Military Appearance Standards(MCJROTCBCMAP)

MCJROTC PL 05-17 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL)

MCJROTC PL 06-16 Property Custodian Requirement

MCJROTC PL 06-17 Alteration of Garrison Property

MCJROTC PL 07-15 Leadership Core Instructor and Testing

MCJROTC PL 07-16 Public Funds

MCJROTC PL 08-16 Retrograde of Pneumatic Air Rifles

MCJROTC PL 09-16 Color Guard and Drill Team Guidance

MCJROTC PL 10-15 Marksmanship waiver policy

MCJROTC PL 11-15 Training and Objectives Of Future Cadet and Senior Cadet Camps

MCJROTC Program of Instruction (POI) Program of Instruction for Marine Corps JROTC Leadership Education (LE) courses

MCO 1020.34H Marine Corps Uniform Regulations

MCO 10520.3 Flag Manual

MCO P1533.6E signed Marine Corps Order P1533.6E (SOP)

MCO P5060.20 W CH 1 Drill Manual

SECNAV M-5216.5 June 2015 DON – Correspondence Manual

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