Welcome Parents and Cadets to the uniform issue and turn in policy.  It is critical that both the Cadet and the Parents/Guardians understand the policy for the issuance and turn in of the MCJROTC uniforms.  Please abide by the policy as this will ensure that we are able to support you in an excellent manner.  The Property Custodian Clerk, Mrs. Padilla has many tasks to accomplish throughout the day and reports that are due to the MCJROTC Headquarters in Quantico Virginia. In addition to this, she also has inventories, audits, Inspection preparations..etc.. 

When you are assigned an appointment for uniforms please make sure you are on time and make your appointments. 


Uniforms:​ ​Male and Female cadets will be issued uniforms identified in the uniform cost list. Costs of replacement and cleaning are also noted. Uniforms are to be maintained in a clean and serviceable condition, upon graduation from the MCJROTC program all uniforms will be returned in a clean and serviceable condition. Restitution will be made to ITW Pride Bn MCJROTC in the event that a uniform article is lost, or presented unserviceable. ​Uniforms that are returned unclean will​ ​ also require restitution for the cleaning bill.

Uniform issuance and return:​ The Cadets are responsible for the uniforms and equipment issued to them by the verification of their signature. There are strict policies for the issuance and the return of the uniforms and equipment. These policies must be followed or the Cadet will be held accountable of all missing gear.

a. Cadets will be present for all issuance of uniform and or equipment. No Cadet or person is allowed to sign gear out for another Cadet

b.  Cadets will inspect all uniforms and items for fitting and serviceability before signing the uniform receipt form. After signing for uniforms and other items all unserviceable gear found – the Cadet will have to pay to replace the gear. {So make sure that you are inspecting the gear in detail – the Cadet is solely responsible for the state of the gear after he/she has signed the receipt form.

c.  Cadets will turn in all uniforms and equipment personally with the Property Custodian Officer by appointment or as determined by the Property Custodian Officer. Failure to show up for the turn in of uniform and equipment appointment will result in the consequence of 4 Demerits, and a future appointment will be scheduled for the Cadets based on the availability of the Property Custodian Clerk.

d.  Cadets are not allowed to leave uniforms and equipment at the main office for turn in. The Main office will refuse to accept any MCJROTC gear.

e.  Parents are not allowed to turn in uniforms and equipment for Cadets – it is the responsibility of the Cadet to clear their account with the MCJROTC Property Custodian Officer.

f.  Cadets are not allowed to leave gear unattended outside of the MCJROTC classroom for turn in – any gear / uniform left unattended outside of the MCJROTC classroom will not be accepted and if it comes up missing the Cadet will replace the value of all gear missing.

g.  The MCJROTC classroom is off limits to all Cadets after school hours.

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