Male Grooming Regulations.  Men will be well groomed at all times and will abide by the following:


(1) Hair

       (a) Hair Length.  Hair will be neat and closely trimmed.  The hair may be clipped at the edges of the side and back and will be evenly graduated all the way around the head (blended or faded and not edged as an outline) from zero length at the hairline in the lower portion of the head to the upper portion of the head.  Hair will not be over 3 inches in length fully extended (an extended hair, not the style, determines proper length) on the upper portion of the head.  The bulk of the hair shall not exceed approximately two inches.  Bulk is defined as the distance that the mass of hair protrudes from the scalp when styled.  The back and sides of the head below the hairline may be shaved to remove body hair.

             1. Sideburns will not extend below the top of the orifice of the ear, as indicated by the line A-A’ in figures 1-1 and 1-2.  Sideburns will not be styled to taper, flare or come to a point.  The length of an individual hair of the sideburn will not exceed 1/8 inch when fully extended.

             2. No male Marine will be required to have his entire hair length clipped to the scalp except while he is undergoing recruit training or when such action is prescribed by a medical officer.  This does not prohibit a male Marine from having his hair clipped (or shaved) to the scalp if he so desires.

         (b) Hair Style.  Head hair will be styled so as not to interfere with the proper wear of uniform headgear.  Hair, which protrudes from beneath properly worn headgear in an unsightly manner, is considered excessive, regardless of length. Male hair styles will conform to the natural shape of the head without eccentric directional flow, twists or spiking.

One (cut, clipped or shaved) natural, narrow, fore and aft off centered part (placed no further than the outer corner of the eye and will not extend down the back of the head) is authorized.  


The following hairstyle types are considered eccentric and are not authorized (this list is not all inclusive):  

(1) hair styling which include single patches of hair on the top of the head (not consistent with natural hair loss)

(2) hair styled to run as a strip down the center of the scalp (i.e. “Mohawk” fashion)

(3) hair styled to leave an unusually large open (bald) area on the top of the head (not consistent with natural hair loss)

(4) hair styles which include the etching of letters, signs or figures, not considered natural in appearance.  Braiding of the hair is not authorized for male Marines. When used, hair gel/mousse should provide a conservative, natural appearance. (See figures 1-1 through 1-2)

         (c) Hair Color.  If applied, dyes, tints, bleaches and frostings, which result in natural colors, are authorized.  The hair color must complement the person’s complexion tone.  Color changes that detract from a professional image are prohibited.  

        (d) Facial/Chest Hair.

             1. The face will be clean-shaven, except that a mustache may be worn.  When worn, the mustache will be neatly trimmed and must be contained within the lines of B-B’, C-C’, D-D’ and the margin area of the upper lip, as shown in figures 1-1 and 1-2.  The individual length of a mustache hair fully extended must not exceed 1/2 inch.

             2. Except for a mustache, eyebrows, and eyelashes, hair may be grown on the face only when a medical officer has determined that shaving is temporarily harmful to the individual’s health.  In these cases, the current edition of MCO 6310.1 applies.

             3. No male Marine will be required to have his chest hair clipped.  Chest hair should not protrude in an unsightly manner above the collar of the visible undershirt when worn, or long sleeve khaki shirt.   

            4. Excessive plucking or removal of eyebrows is not authorized, except for medical reasons.

     (2) Fingernails.  Fingernails will be kept clean and neatly trimmed so as not to interfere with performance of duty, detract from military image or present a safety hazard.  Fingernails shall not extend past the fingertips.  Nail polish for male Marines is not allowed.

    (3) Members of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve will comply with these regulations, except that wigs are authorized not in a drilling/active duty status.  If worn, wigs will comply with the above grooming regulations.



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