José R. Nazario was born in San German, Puerto Rico.  Arriving in Chicago in June 1969, he grew up around Richmond and Division; North Ave. and Hamlin. He attended Lafayette elementary school, Chopin Middle School, Tuley High School and Roberto Clemente High School. He then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1977.  During his tour in the Marine Corps Sgt.Maj. Nazario was an Instructor for College ROTC at Purdue University and also at the University of Mississippi Ole Miss. Sgt.Maj. Nazario retired in July of 2007 and founded the MCJROTC program at Golder College Prep from 2007 to 2015.  The MCJROTC program was established at ITW David Speer Academy on June 21, 2015. He believes that developing the character of young men and women is what will secure the future of our nation. There are four principles that he has taught his own children to live by and he expects the same from the cadets and the ITW scholars; 1. Reject passivity 2. Accept responsibility. 3. Lead courageously 4. Expect the greater reward. Sgt.Maj. Nazario loves the Marine Corps and its positive look on all situations and his favorite saying from one of his Marine Corps leaders is one that encourages us to always look at the positive of life events; 1. Every day is a holiday 2. Every meal is a feast 3. Every formation is a parade 4. And the worst you ever had was wonderful.  OOORRAAAHHHH!

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