The MCJROTC Commissioned Officer Creed

I will give to the selfless performance of my duty and my mission the best that effort, thought, and dedication can provide.

To this end, I will not only seek continually to improve my knowledge and practice of my profession, but also I will exercise the authority entrusted to me by the Marine Instructor and the School Principal with fairness, justice, patience, and restraint, respecting the dignity and human rights of others and devoting myself to the welfare of those placed under my command.

In justifying and fulfilling the trust placed in me, I will conduct my private life as well as my public service so as to be free both from impropriety and the appearance of impropriety, acting with candor and integrity to earn the unquestioning trust of my fellow commissioned officers–juniors, seniors, and associates–and employing my rank and position not to serve myself but to serve my family, my country, my community, my ITW David Speer Academy, and my MCJROTC unit.

By practicing physical and moral courage I will endeavor to inspire these qualities in others by my example.  In all my actions I will put loyalty to the highest moral principles and the MCJROTC above loyalty to organizations, persons, and my personal interest.


The MCJROTC Cadet Staff Non Commissioned Officer Creed

  I am a Cadet Staff Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.  As such, I am a member of the most unique group of professional military practitioners in the Noble Street Charter Schools.  I am bound by duty to God, Country, and my fellow Marine Corps Cadets to execute the demands of my position to and beyond what I believe to be the limits of my capabilities.     

    I realize I am the mainstay of Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps discipline, and I carry myself with military grace, unbowed by the weight of command, unflinching in the execution of lawful orders, and unswerving in my dedication to the most complete success of my assigned mission.

      Both my professional and personal demeanor shall be such that I may take pride if my juniors emulate me, and knowing perfection to lie beyond the grasp of any mortal hand, I shall yet strive to attain perfection that I may ever be aware of my needs and capabilities to improve myself.  I shall be fair in my personal relations, just in the enforcement of discipline, true to myself and my fellow Marine Corps Cadets, and equitable in my dealing with every man.


The MCJROTC Cadet Non Commissioned Officer Creed

I am a Cadet Non Commissioned Officer dedicated to training new Marine Corps Cadets and influencing the old.  I am forever conscious of each Marine Corps Cadet under my charge, and by example will inspire him to the highest standards possible.  I will strive to be patient, understanding, just, and firm.  I will commend the deserving and encourage the wayward.     

I will never forget that I am responsible to my Commanding Officer for the morale, discipline, and efficiency of my men.  Their performance will reflect an image of me. 


TheMCJROTC Cadet Creed

I am a Marine cadet.
I will be true to myself and to others.
I will not lie, cheat, or steal.
I will serve my family, community, school, and nation.
I will honor my parents with obedience, initiative, and compassion for all my family members.

I will obey all local, state and federal laws.
I will wear my uniform with pride.
I will do my personal best at all times.
I will honor those who have gone before me –
The few, the proud, the finest;

The Pride Bn Marine Corps Cadets.


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