Welcome to the Billte (Job) listings of the Pride Bn.  

In this section you will find vacancies within the Pride Bn.  Leadership positions that need to be filled. Billets (Jobs) within the Pride Bn that need to be filled to assist in the Mission Accomplishment of the Pride Bn vision. 

There are many Billets (Jobs) within the Pride Bn that are vacant and it causes the Cadets that are there to do more that one and at times three Billets (Jobs) and it is exhausting for the Cadet that is doing those Billets by themselves and also the results are not at the excellent level.  The Pride Bn needs you to step up and see where you can help us to succeed.

Finding where you belong takes your initiative to apply for the Billet and see if it fits you and if it does not apply for something else.  Just get involved, the more Cadets that are involved the easier it is to be a success and the less one Cadet has to do and the shared burden becomes bearable to the point of being the Best MCJROTC Leadership program in the Nation.

Semper Fidelis,

SgtMaj Nazario, Jose R.

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